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Conversion : 1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams

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India Won 24 Hour Spot Gold and Silver Price

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Know about today's Gold rate and silver rate in india

Gold is a chemical element which hold very special place among Indian. Gold is auspicious for the Indian Hindus and here in India buying of Gold on certain occasion is very important like in Diwali.

Gold Rates

Gold rates and silver rates really rises due increase of the covid 19 cases. People start saving for future and demand of Gold increase. Lockdown of market of Gold show a great impact on the Gold Rates.

Place of Gold in India

Gold investment is considered the best invest in India. Here in India people buy gold not only as investment but it is considered Laxmi. Not only for Hindus gold is an assets for all the religion in India.It has its own place and among all major religion in India. Apart from buying giving also takes place.


Rising of Gold Rates does not stop a devotee to donate in the way of God. Beautiful Gold ornaments and jewelry has been donated by the Devotee. Buying of gold on special occasion is like a religious activity and giving Gold to daughter in marriage is also important.


Gold jewelry and ornaments are Family heirloom which pass on to the generation to come. Gold in India is a part of every house. It is very common feature of the Indian Wedding to pass on the mother Jewelry to the Bride and it doesn't matter with the design and latest fashion Old is Gold is the saying fit for this. During wedding it is common thing to gift Gold because Gold is considered to be lucky for gifting.


In India gold is the symbol and it show status of the people and people also show how much Gold they have be it a businessman, politician actors or anyone. Gold is the best thing which an Indian considered for investment as it will work out in bad times. Gold rates increase and decrease everyday which throw a great impact on the though of the investor.

Gold rate in India fluctuate everyday

Gold rate in Bangalore

Remarkable ups and downs has been seen in Bangalore or Bangaluru. Gold demands is always high and in Bangalore also it is very demanding. Gold rate demands on the carat that is 22 carat or 24 carats. Over the period of last one year the prices of the gold going down and those who are thinking of purchasing the gold a precious metal can go for it. Before going to buy this precious metal just look at the prices online.

Gold prices in Mumbai today

Mumbai which is also known as the city of dreams. Mumbai is the center of the many big shops and gold brand and hallmarking center. There are total 63 hallmarking center in Maharashtra. Price of Gold in Bangalore and prices of Gold in Mumbai are not same because of many reason one of them is the service charges which is different in many states as well as taxes. the Gold rate are fixed by some big dealers in the city and more important factor is International factors that are responsible for the ups and downs of the Gold prices in India.

Gold Rate in Kerala

In Kerala gold is considered very auspicious and it is attached with the tradition. The prices of Gold fluctuate in the state due to various impact. One of the reason of this the policy set up for the fixing of the prices of gold. The value of rupee has decrease which become the reason for the decline in the prices of the Gold.Which is good for the investor who wants to purchase the precious metal. But rupee is weekend which is not a good thing for the economy.

Gold Rate in Hyderabad

The rate of Gold in Hyderabad depends on the several factor as well as International factor which is Inflation, change in the tax rates, gold reserve as well and many more. The prices of the gold is fixed by the Indian Bullion Jewelers Association popularly known as IBJA. The demand for the gold increase during the wedding as in India it is important to give the daughter or bride a gold gift. Apart from marriage during festivals also demand for the Gold increase.

Gold rate in Chennai

We provide exact detail and facts about the gold rates in Chennai of 22 carat as well as 24 carats of gold. There are many sellers in Chennai who sell gold coins. These gold coins are available in different size and grams as per the customer requirement. But there is a risk involve with the Gold coins that no body will purchase it again buying gold jewelry is more safe than to buy the coins.

As like in the other city in the country in Chennai also people buy gold jewelry during wedding and traditional functions. The rate of the gold in Chennai is fluctuating due to many factors like taxes which are local as well as state tax, International factor also, additional cost which occur, service charge etc.

Gold rate today in Delhi

For the last years Gold Rates in Delhi is going up for some times and this is the reason why investment in Gold increase. As the stock market is going down slightly the investor want safe mode of investment so they turn towards the precious metal gold.

Last few year gold prices are considerably high the due to the covid 19 effect the market changes and prices of gold fall down. The prices of Gold as compare to the other city and state are bit higher because of the tax and charges that are charge a bit higher as compare to the other cities.

So the rise and fall of the Gold Rates are really depends upon the various services and taxes that are imposed on the gold. These are some of the factors that are major reasons for the up and downs of the Gold Rates in the country. We try to provide the best of the knowledge related to Gold. Hope all your queries will be solved.